Corona lockdown riots starting? 43 arrested in Brussels (Video)

Whereas we predicted a while ago that youngsters would grow uneasy during the European and US lockdowns, a first flash of rioting has now been witnessed in the European capital Brussels.

43 people were arrested this afternoon. They could be seen throwing stones, damaging police vehicles and destroying windows of bus shelters. The cause was the death of a 19-year-old local resident after a collision with a police vehicle during his pursuit.

The riots took place around the Clemenceau metro station in the Kuregem district, near the South Station. Dozens of young people are upsetting the neighborhood. One rioter would have gotten a cop’s service weapon. The police were in combat equipment to calm the rioters. Several videos on social media show how they throw projectiles at the police. According to the police in the Belgian capital, the situation is now under control, but remains vigilant tonight.

Anderlecht mayor Fabrice Cumps said tonight that the victim’s family has nothing to do with the call to protest. According to Cumps, the family calls for calm. “Those responsible for street violence do not honor him,” said the mayor.


Under the hashtag #JusticePourAdil, people were called to protest the death of 19-year-old Adil. He was hit by a police vehicle last night. This happened when he tried to escape from a police check on his scooter and collided head-on with a patrol car that had been called up for reinforcement.

The Brussels fire brigade also reports a few other small fires in the municipality, although it is not certain that they all have something to do with the accident.


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