Lockdown – Darwin would not agree


Charles Darwin was a highly religious man. When he made his discovery which would change the course of human history and decide the battle between religion and science, he waited till his conscience allowed him publish.

But when he did, it was clear for all that the data he had gathered was that nature is simply a survival of the fittest.

Society has strayed away from the path of Darwinism for years on end and replace the natural course of history with one of capitalism and class society.

However, the grief and anger that is noticeably building amongst younger participants on social media these days is clearly a sign that the reptilian brain still rules supreme in times of stress.

As I look on Twitter to see what lies in the underbelly of the beast that is human nature and see reactions on the streets of my home town as I go for my daily run, it is clear anger is growing amongst the younger generations.

Though it will take a while for the truth to come through, theirs will be the generation that will go through another lengthy period of unemployment and economic depression, this time not because they bought houses to expensive for them, but because they had to save the elderly (and those that didn’t take care of themselves).

Nature and Darwin would not have agreed. Viruses have been around since ancient times. It is a way of nature to restore order in the chaos and let the strong survive.

Class society in show

The most blatant example of a disregard for Darwinism comes from the UK where the Prime Minister first guided his country on a very risky course for a few weeks, to only shift afterwards when it became clear that he was wrong. Bot Mr Johnson and his Health Secretary are now infected, as is the heir to the throne.

All three of them showed mild symptoms but were able to get tested. The personnel of the NHS does not have that right. Class society much?

Survival of the fittest

Darwin said: ‘it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’

The longer these lockdowns go on for, the more rebellion against them will grow.

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