Reddit will pay subforum creators in Ethereum

Fredrick Brennan created 4Chan whilst high on mushrooms once. He wanted to see what a site like Reddit would look like if the commenters would be able to create subreddits themselves.

4Chan became 8Chan and Fredrick went … well a tad downhill we should admit. Meanwhile Reddit went from strength to strength. Although I don’t really agree with the limited freedom of speech that a comment site like theirs has, it is still one of the best options out there if one wants to comment or discuss anything at all.

Whereas newspapers have since long closed their forums allowing you to discuss on all articles as it became clear the modern mind did mostly not agree with liberal politics, Reddit still allows greater freedom of speech than them. Not 100% but still.

And now Reddit seems to be ready to take it one step forward, by allowing creators of subforums to be paid out in Ethereum. Even though the Silicon Valley company still hasn’t confirmed, the fact that Vitalik Buterin, creator of the Ethereum blockchain did, is enough for the internet users to know what is coming.

Crypto is ready for mass adoption whilst fiat currencies have turned on printers to save the old economies from a possible revolution.

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