Ray Dalio on Coronacrisis: ‘Do not think that cash is a safe investment’

Bridgewater Associates co-chairman Ray Dalio gave a Ted interview from his home library this week during which he forecasted what the world economy would look like after Corona.

Dalio, who authored many bestsellers in the past decade, said that he expects innovation to thrive during this period where people are forced to stay at home. As many other commenters, he also foresees a changed workplace after this.

For crypto investors, it was interesting to hear what he would say on the Central Banks turning on their printers to stimulate an economy that is bound to go into recession. Dalio believed that he does not ‘think that cash is a safe investment,’ but did not mention crypto or bitcoin.

‘Cash is almost always the worst investment. You should think a little bit unconventionally. Cash is a seductive investment because it doesn’t have as much volatility, but it taxes you and your buying power about 2% a year.’

Although he failed to mention Bitcoin as an alternative, he highlighted Facebook’s Libra as a more promising option.

Dalio lastly predicted that printing money and distributing it would last for at least another three years. He also felt that if mishandled, the current Coronacrisis could turn into a 1930s styled depression.

The author of “A Template for Understanding Big Debt Crises” is a respected voice when it comes to predicting what the future could hold for life when Corona ends.

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