European 5G Arson Attacks Spreading (Video)

More and more 5G masts are being torched in Europe. The trend, which started in the UK, has now blown over to the Netherlands as well. Thus far some 20 masts have been torched or vandalized in the UK and at least 5 in the Netherlands. Both governments have been forced to announce that the conspiracy theory claiming that 5G masts are linked to the spread of coronavirus are ‘bogus’.

The Dutch government’s Security and Counter-Terrorism (NCTV) admitted it had registered “various incidents” regarding broadcasting masts in the past week, including arson and sabotage, and that opposition to the 5G rollout is a possible cause.

“This is a concerning development. Disruption of broadcasting masts…can have consequences for the coverage of the telecommunications network and reachability of emergency services.”

Meanwhile the British authorities point to conspiracy theories about the influence of 5G on the spread of the coronavirus.

Videos and messages are shared on social media in which the rollout of 5G is associated with the corona disease.

The false idea claims that radio waves sent by 5G technology are causing small changes to people’s bodies that make them succumb to the virus.

The news has been gaining momentum in Facebook groups, WhatsApp messages and YouTube videos. It has also been suggested that a future corona vaccine would contain microscopic chips.

49-year old Deva Daniël Luysterburg from Hoogeveen in the Netherlands explained to Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad that he felt:

“Because 5G is something new, it is quite possible that it also causes new diseases. I have seen videos on the internet, in which someone claims this. Then you see people lying dead on the street in Wuhan, China. I don’t think it’s because of that virus. If you are suddenly exposed to an electromagnetic field, you could die. I am highly sensitive myself and I feel the virus hanging in stores. I feel it as an electromagnetic field, it just hangs there. ”

However, the Dutch authorities, represented by the Knowledge Platform Electromagnetic Fields claim this is as “plain nonsense”.

“Electromagnetic fields cannot spread viruses,” said their representative Fred Woudenberg.

Sources of such a field are, for example, power lines or a transmission tower. Woudenberg: “Over the years, tens of thousands of studies have been conducted into electromagnetic fields. It turned out that it does not make you sick.”

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