France stops private jet full of rich Brits during Corona lockdown

Although the US billionaires have all sodded off to New Zealand (anyone seen the Silicon Valley elite in the flesh lately?), some European elitists still thought that all would be well if they simply rented a private jet to fly them to a luxury villa in the South of France.

Not so as upon landing in Marseille as French police stopped them. Rumor has it that one of the businessmen was still intent on getting through and told police: ‘I have money, we can talk about this.’ Too little too late though as the plane was returned to London.

A private jet full of super-rich holidaymakers from London was sent back to the UK after the group landed in France and tried to get to their Cannes villa by helicopter during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Seven men in their 40s and 50s and three women in their 20s (We can all guess they didn’t really knew each other before this weekend) arrived at Marseille-Provence airport last Saturday and were immediately intercepted by local police.

The organiser of the trip – a Croatian national working in banking and estate agency in the UK – had apparently booked the jet and helicopters to take everybody to the rented villa. The private jet used by the groups was an Embraer Legacy 600 – a Brazilian made luxury business jet, which costs around 5 million dollars.

In the end though, the only fines issued were for the three French helicopter pilots waiting to take the party to Cannes. The group did not technically enter France, as they were kept on the plane while being interviewed by police. None of those on board have yet been identified by police and we have reason to believe they won’t anymore..

A police source explained: ‘They had planned to come and have a good time on the Riviera despite the Coronavirus epidemic. Everything had been planned by the organiser of the trip – a Croatian national who works in finance and real estate – starting with the London-Marseille trip in a private jet that he had rented on the other side of the Channel.’

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