Bitcoin Halving search volume on Google hits All Time High

Given that Covid-19 has left many ‘working from home’, it is no surprise that Google search trends are just a tad higher than ever before. Don’t get us started on the spike in interest seen on Pornhub or related sites, we just want to say that the interest in the forthcoming “halving” event on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain has now surpassed the levels of 2016, the last time this took place.

Data from Google Trends for April 14 shows that the peak of interest now recorded is a whopping 16% higher than back in 2016 (the last time that halving occurred on the network).

If calculations are anything to go by as to how much this will translate in a different (aka higher) price afterwards, it is safe to say that the term ‘Bitcoin Go Moon’ will be memed quite rapidly.

Strangely enough it is a weird group of mid-sized European countries that are leading the pack of peak interest. We understand Luxembourg and Switzerland with their great percentage of bankers, but could someone please explain to me what Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are doing in there.

A related and more narrow search term, “Bitcoin halving 2020,” reveals a very different geographical distribution —  with Nigeria topping the chart, followed by Venezuela, Austria, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

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