Could 2020 get worse? Massive fire rages 1 km from Chernobyl nuclear plant (Video)

Whereas the Krakatao volcano already roared back to life itself a few days, this time round it was the radioactive site of Chernobyl which seemed unready to hand the crown for wrecking 2020 to Covid-19.

Yes, there have been many candidates at the beginning of the year as to who can claim the grand prize of destroying the whole year for humanity: Iran downed a jet and Australia was on fire, but Covid-19 is everything anyone has been talking about since.

However, a Ukrainian forest fire could change all that.

Firefighters have by now extinguished most of the forest fires that were edging towards the radioactive dumps in the Chernobyl exclusion zone amid warnings of a ‘catastrophic’ threat.

Ukrainian emergency officials said Tuesday afternoon that they have by now extinguished most of the forest fires in the radiation-contaminated area, but acknowledged that grass is still smouldering in some areas.

Although radiation levels in the capital Kyiv, about 60 miles south of the plant, are within norms, the area near the plant has already seen a rise in radiation.

Images showed smoke blowing over the ‘sarcophagus’ of reactor number four, which exploded in the world’s worst nuclear accident in what was then the USSR in 1986.

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