New Zealand man burns 5G mast (Video)

Whereas we warned you yesterday that the cell phone tower arsons were spreading all over Europe already, they have apparently also reached New Zealand now.

A video, originally posted on Facebook, shows a cell phone tower in Manurewa being set alight in what appears to be another attack motivated by a conspiracy theory relating to 5G mobile networks.

A man filming the incident yells “F*** 5G” and “F*** the New World Order” – a reference to one variation of the conspiracy theory.

Link to video:

The video clearly shows a man pouring fuel at the base of a cell tower which is still being constructed.

The man lights the petrol, and then returns to pour more fuel on it, creating a large fire, before rushing off in a car. It follows similar incidents which happened earlier in the Far North and Porirua.

After the fire in Porirua on Thursday, which cut off mobile service to 15,000 2Degrees customers, telecommunications companies called on police to investigate what they said was a string of threats and attacks.

It comes at a time when dependence on telecommunications networks has grown because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

None of the telecommunication companies are directly blaming anti-5G protesters for the incidents.

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