Does alarming line of ambulances reveal true extent Russian Covid-19? (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly considering deploying the military to get a handle on the coronavirus that is spreading all over Russia. Putin warned that the situation will only deteriorate for the time being.

On Tuesday, 2,774 new cases were added, of which more than half in Moscow, the strongest increase so far. Officially, over 21 thousand cases of Covid-19 have been registered in Russia.

According to Putin, more and more serious cases are also occurring. He promised that the authorities will pull out all the stops to deal with the crisis, including, if necessary, everything that is available to the Ministry of Defense.

It is not clear how Putin intends to deploy the military, but units of the Russian army have already helped fight the virus in Italy.


These included disinfection equipment, respirators and medical personnel of the Russian armed forces.

Incidentally, the first corona cases have also surfaced among the Russian armed forces. According to the business newspaper Kommersant, three infected soldiers were already registered two weeks ago. It is not known how many there are now, but opposition circles are concerned about a recent exercise for the annual Victory Parade on Red Square in which thousands of soldiers participated.

Ambulance traffic jams

Especially in Moscow, hospitals can hardly cope with the flow of new patients. Sometimes ambulances had to wait hours before delivering patients to the hospital. Employees of the famous Bolshoi Theater have also become infected. Last week, 34 of them tested positive, just before a benefit performance in which all kinds of famous singers, dancers and other cultural greats took part.

Initially, the vast majority of new cases were reported in Moscow, but it seems that other hot spots are now emerging in the country as well.

The Chinese authorities are deeply concerned about the outbreak of the virus in Russia. To prevent China from being hit by a second wave of the virus, they have locked the border with Russia. According to the Chinese authorities, much of the new infections with the virus are due to Chinese returning from Russia.

Whatfinger video

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