Mark Cuban discusses Bitcoin, America 2.0 and S&P500 forecast (Video)

One of the advantages of sitting at home is that crypto analyst and permanent Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano can interview many interesting people who are in the same situation as he is for his Pomp Podcast. This time round it was billionaire (and renowned Bitcoin critic) Mark Cuban.

The entrepreneur  shared his opinion on the monetary policy decisions taken by the Trump government post the health crisis and what it would take to change his critical stance on Bitcoin.

Market will go further down

Speaking about the current state of the stock markets, which are going from bad to worse as we speak, Mark Cuban feels the same as many bearish analysts, namely that the worst is not yet over.

There is going to be a further decline; however, three to five years from now, we will be in a much better position than we were before, he affirmed.

Some of the other key takeaways were:

What does America 2.0 look like?

“The things that caught people’s attention before are now just right in your face. How do you treat your customers, how do you brand yourself?”

If there’s something that you think could be better, what is this that I can do there? There are a lot of problems with medicine and such. How can I accelerate those?”

What would it take to change your mind on Bitcoin?

“It would have to be so easy to use it’s a no-brainer. It would have to be perfectly understandable to people first and then you could say it’s an alternative to gold as a star value.”

“In terms of a way to transact, if it’s just transfers of funds or whatever, you gotta be able to spend it.”


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