VeChain is crypto of the week on Jim Cramer’s ‘The Street’

Whether you agree with his style or not, whether you like him or not, it all doesn’t matter. The fact that VeChain has made it onto Jim Cramer’s The Street website as crypto of the week is a huge boost for the small crypto.

The Street highlights the fact that VeChain, through it’s Real Items marketplace, is helping to spot counterfeit KN95 masks amid the coronavirus crisis.

Given the problems that most western economies have had with identifying quality in medical gear during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cooperation between VeChain and this San Francisco start-up called Real Items in order to make sure each box of KN95 masks are shipped with a two-factor authentication QR code which can be recorded on VeChain’s blockchain is very promising.

VeChain in Market Research Report along with Microsoft and IBM

Thanks to this manner, retailers can now scan the code with a smartphone ‘to verify the product before they’re used to protect health care workers and others’.

The Street furthermore highlights VeChain’s recent agreement with the Shanghai Gas group and gave it great marks overall.


Rating the crypto in Flipside’s Crypto Asset Score, User Activity, Developer Behavior and Market Maturity, The Street concluded that all is well for VeChain. This small crypto is now probably counting down to be mentioned on Jim’s Mad Money show shortly.



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