Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) calls Justin Sun (Tron) Bittorrent platform a dictatorship

Vitalik and Tron Foundation CEO, Justin Sun, have never been the best of friends. As they are both chasing the spread of smart contracts on their respective platforms and Justin left Ethereum in 2018 to create his own company, the feud may not be too surprising. But onlookers are still stunned that Vitalik is holding such a grudge.

The master of marketing Justin Sun is often accused of seeking the spotlight, but this was not what Vitalik was aiming at in his latest taunting tweet.

Ethereum fans claim plagiarism could be seen in the launch of BitTorrent’s logo, to which BitTorrent responded:

‘It is not cool to accuse #BitTorrent, whose been around for decades perfecting our technology. #IPFS should be grateful BitTorrent leads the way as a leader in this industry to pave the way for others to follow. We should be united! #BitTorrent never even charged you & #IPFS for copy/pasting our technology, you should be grateful instead of disrespecting us w/ your frivolous false accusations.’

Buterin doubled down after this, rebuffing Justin’s Bittorrent platform and pushing the insults by stating:

‘If you have good tech and bad marketing, you may fail, which is a tragedy. If you have bad tech and good marketing, you may succeed, but know that by making an inferior product win you may have made the world worse. Good tech and good marketing together is ideal.’



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