Dr Fauci shares concern over official Chinese death toll

The US-assigned expert asked to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, Dr Anthony Fauci, has now also voiced concern that China might be lying about its true coronavirus infection rate. His comments came only hours before Wuhan increased its death toll by 50 percent because of ‘mistakes’ in reporting.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases echoed comments made by French President Macron and the UK government this week, that he doesn’t ‘feel confident at all’ that China’s ‘low number’ of cases and deaths are accurate.

‘I mean I think any of us who have been dealing with this now for the last few months don’t feel confident at all that we have all of the data of the originally infected individuals, how long there were people in the circulation or even now, how many deaths there really are in China.’

‘That number’s really rather a low number, that number surprises me that that number is so low. But then again you know it is what it is, it’s behind us, lets’s move ahead and address our own problem.’ 


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