Putin installs ‘Cybergulag’ to check whether Russians obey Covid lockdown

The young Russians, who offer up worldwide books, movies and songs on various websites in order to make a quick buck next to their dwindling supply of rubles, are about to get one more thing to worry about: whether they are recognizable for Putin’s Cybergulag camera’s or not?

Last week, Sergei Sobyanin, mayor of Moscow appointed and approved by the president himself, allowed for the Chinese style surveillance state to be installed on his streets. By signing legislation that would allow city authorities to identify and fine people who had violated the shelter-at-home order, he granted state authorities even more power.

Whilst supporters said that the law would maintain public safety during the coronavirus outbreak, opponents claim it gave the Kremlin very dangerous powers.

Young Russians who know how to handle a VPN have jokingly named it the ‘Cybergulag’. I’m sure they will find novel ways to stay out of the cameras viewing point shortly. In any case, I don’t see how the Kremlin would be able to afford the same state-of-the-art cameras as Beijing uses.

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