Facebook battles Amazon’s Twitch, introduces livestream gaming app

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is really using his time in confinement (although his mansion is probably a bit comfier than my apartment) and decides to take the fight to Amazon’s Twitch today as his social media site launches a gaming app which can livestream.

Of course the best art is always copied as they say but this time it indeed does look like something which has been done before. Then again, according to Facebook, some 700 million of it’s 2.5 billion users are already engaged in gaming and thus the app was a logical development.

It comes exactly one week after the social media giant announced the relaunch of it’s digital currency Libra as well.

As I said in the opening paragraph, Zuckerberg’s been busy.

Gaming app released sooner

The app mainly focuses on watching and creating live gameplay, but users also have the option to play casual games.

The social network had originally planned to release the Facebook Gaming app in June, but as many users are now sitting at home, it was decided to bring the release forward to today. Either way, the Android version was already determined, but the release of the iOS version wouldn’t depend on Apple’s permission. That company has restrictions on streaming images from third-party apps.

The Facebook Gaming app allows users to watch streams of mobile games and allows players to live stream their games themselves through their Facebook page.

This puts Facebook in competition with existing platforms for game streams, such as Twitch from Amazon, YouTube from Google and Mixer from Microsoft. In addition to the streaming functionality, there are some casual games and some community functions in the app.

Tron copied?

In the cryptoindustry, Bittorrent and Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun has recently also partnered with Refereum, a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for video game engagement and streaming.

That collaboration allows Refereum to pay out its video game streaming users in Tron’s TRX coin, or BitTorrent’s BTT token. At least on that you can earn something for gaming.

The question remains whether Facebook will pay you in Libra for gaming on their platform as well of course.


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