Hoskinson (Cardano) captures American culture: ‘Alexa, we need lots of guns’ (Video)

Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong)) sometimes seems like the more entertaining person who once worked for Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum platform.

Whereas Vitalik is clearly the most intelligent one out there tweeting about blockchain and all, and no one doubts the merciless marketing of Justin Sun promoting Tron, it is Hoskinson who can easily capture the spirit of his followers looking for some entertainment as well.

Given  that I watched an entertaining tweetstorm last week between the Winklevoss twins and billionaire Mark Cuban about how Bitcoin will not find mass adoption until someone can explain it to normal people in a logical and simple way, Hoskinson looks like a guy who can sell his product.

This week he’s gotten into politics apparently. His retweeting of a famous video which showed how talk show host Bill Maher is indeed lost without his supporting audience was already a discovery (though I had seen it on other channels as well) but I must say that his ‘Alexa, we need lots of guns’ video, which according to the Cardano founder captures the American spirit, is a great watch.

If Hoskinson can explain blockchain in the same manner to normal Americans, crypto has got a winner on it’s hands with Cardano.


Main picture: screenshot Youtube SQUISHY – Gameplay, VLogs, Tutorials

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