Why did Microsoft insert number 666 into ‘human mining’ crypto patent?

Microsoft, the Washington State tech giant whose technology resides in nearly 90% of all global computers, was in the specialized blockchain news recently as it filed a patent for the development of its own crypto.

Given Microsoft’s size, many thought of a possible competitor for Bitcoin or a follow-up of Facebook’s Libra project, but the reality turned out to be much more mysterious.

The strange patent from Microsoft had been spotted at first by German blogging site WindowsUnited on March 27th already. It rather weirdly enough combines cryptocurrency and monitoring brain and body heat into a single move that can be registered by a machine.

The idea behind the system is that it could mine cryptocurrency using people’s activity rather than relying on PC power to mine crypto.

The system would rely on sensors on a person’s body to track their activity. In other words, your body can earn crypto for you as you watch ads for example.

Several social media users immediately thought of Tom Cruise in the science fiction movie Minority Report in which there is a scene where the protagonist’s eyes are scanned. After the system recognizes the owner of the pupils, he is shown ads that he should normally react to.

However conspiracy theorists found another strange titbit of data tied to Microsoft’s patent. It was highlighted a few days ago by anti-virus billionaire John McAfee.

Number of the beast

When applying for the patent, the Microsoft engineers who put down the paperwork chose the numbered code to accompany it’s design to be ending with the numbered combination 060606, or, if like in mathematics you omit the zero, the number 666.

Who is behind QAnon?

For those of you that have never been brought up religiously, 666 is known as the ‘number of the beast’ (also a song by Iron Maiden) or the mark of the Devil if you will. Anyone growing up in the 70s or 80s has seen those ‘Damian’ movies of course.

Given the many theories going round about Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the moment with regards to his prediction as to the Coronavirus (he gave a Ted speech six years ago that is now going viral), this was of course enough to get conspiracy theorists all riled up.

A simple explanation of atheist engineers doing it on purpose is probably the simplest, but I must admit Microsoft’s move does not seem like the smartest given the circumstances. Then again, this patent was submitted long before Corona became a thing.



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