Top Dutch TV Show Points Out ‘Tedros is director of WHO because of China’

The anger in Europe over China’s handling of Covid-19 has now grown beyond ‘politically correct’ behaving heads of state like President of France Macron who stated last week that it would be naïve to think that Beijing was forthcoming with info.

Whereas a few days ago the most popular German newspaper Bild already made a 149 billion euro tab which they believe China should pay in lost revenue to Berlin, this time round it was their neighboring country the Netherlands that took a long hard look at the troubled relationship between the WHO and China.

The YouTube video is in Dutch but you can add English subtitles with the CC button.

Mr Arjen Lubach, who shot to world fame a few years ago when he made his fabulous spoof of America First, Netherlands second (which launched a whole bunch of copies from other countries – I especially enjoyed the one from Switzerland for example, but there are whole lot of them on YouTube ), has the best watched program in the country called Zondag Met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach). It is a satirical program comparable to the late night shows over in the US by Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers or John Oliver.

Back in 2018, because of his rise to fame, he was invited to Late Night with Seth Meyers as well.

This time round, Mr Lubach stated in no uncertain terms that the current director of the WHO, Mr Tedros Adhanom only has the position mainly because of China, who showered his home country Ethiopia with aid (at 10.03 in the first video).

A criticism also spoken by US Senator Tom Cotton who stated last week that China paid ‘bribes’ to Ethiopia when World Health Organization Director-General was a cabinet minister there.

The Dutch late night show host furthermore showed a clip of another interviewer who asked the Canadian WHO representative Bruce Aylward (who had been to China during the Covid-19 quarantine of Wuhan and claimed that he only wanted to be treated in China if he ever has Covid-19), whether the WHO would consider Taiwan’s membership application (China does not allow other countries to recognize Taiwan as a separate country), to which the latter did not even want to respond (at 11.40 in the first video or hereunder).



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