Cardano jumps 16% as Hoskinson sees bullish sign in ‘fake accounts’ and Daedalus 1.0.0 ships

Of all the top crypto personalities out there talking up their own coins and platforms, Charles Hoskinson continues to entertain. Whereas we reported this week how Ripple labs CEO Brad Garlinghousethrew down to gauntlet to Youtube over the many scams going round in which he is impersonated and started a lawsuit, Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano is taking a different approach.

According to a tweet he sent round to his followers, the sign that many in the social media space are now impersonating him and other Cardano ambassadors is a very bullish signal for ADA.

(I am also very amused to see his background decoration includes both Klimt and John Williams Waterhouse, a very broad cultural approach there Charles)

At the time of writing Cardano’s ADA coin is up a whopping 16% so he might have a point.

It is also entirely possible that the announcement that his company is now shipping Daedalus 1.0.0, the mainnet wallet, was responsible. In any case, all signs are looking good for anyone bullish on Cardano’s ADA apparently.

Bitcoin surges towards $8,000

Then again, we believe that the upswing in Cardano is probably also partly due to the whole of the crypto market being in an upswing for the past 2 days or so. Not only is there more talk in global media about the coming of the Bitcoin halving, but the recent fall in oil markets had also made traders have a second look at possible safe havens for 2020, and now that the best known crypto is positive for the year, many are betting that it is a safer hedge against future losses than leaving your money in the S&P500.

We did mention yesterday that Bloomberg also predicted a Bitcoin bullrun just like in 2017 whereas Bank of America sees the S&P500 seeking new lows soon.

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