Las Vegas Mayor offers locals as Hunger Games style ‘control group’ (Video)

I never really liked the Hunger Games movies all that much. Though I was amazed by the acting of Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone at first, it is clear she was helped by Hollywood to further her career afterwards. The teen movies were entertaining at best, but the idea behind it will remain with us for many generations.

Apparently it stuck with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman as well, because she basically agreed for the local population to become a ‘control group’ for Covid19 if the Nevada state governor would only agree with her to reopen the city’s casino’s.

In a now widely watched Anderson Cooper car-crash interview, the local mayor stated: “When you count 150 coronavirus deaths versus 2.3 million Nevadans, you have to say, ‘You have to open up, you have to go back.”

The CNN host replied that the low fatality rate was probably a product of the social distancing measures she was opposing.

“How do you know until we have a control group?” mayor Goodman replied. “We offered to be a control group!” She did not clarify who exactly the “we” was that had agreed to serve as guinea pigs to test the true efficacy of social distancing, but locals have reacted harshly to her words since.

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