New app lets Zoom call organizers earn crypto

We told you last week how your Apple iPhone can mine for crypto while you sleep, this week we are explaining how you earn some extra crypto cash from your conference calls.

Zoom, the video-conferencing app that has gone mainstream since Covid-19 took over the world and locked people in their own homes, has now partnered with a blockchain company allowing you to earn some crypto.

If you’re an entrepreneur giving classes, organizing quizzes or coaching people via Zoom, you can now earn crypto whilst doing it.

SmartSession, a Ethereum-based Zoom app, allows you to earn from calls you’ve organized.

If you use SmartSession, you can install a crypto paywall for anyone that wants to watch your yoga class or participate in your quiz for example. Thanks to smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, SmartSession immediately lets you earn some crypto in return.

Erez Ben-Kiki, founder and CEO of the company 2key which developed the software, explained: “If a yoga instructor wants to collect $20 per participant, for instance, they can choose to reward participants for bringing them new business.”

“You just have to want to enter the crypto world. It’s very easy.”

“Loads of conferences in the space (all online now) and solopreneurs have already expressed plans to use it from next week.” he stated.

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