South African President mocked after putting face mask in front of eyes (Video)

South Africans have been busy mocking their President Cyril Ramaphosa after the latter demonstrated during a live broadcast to the nation how to wear a face mask, but hilariously failed and put in front of his eyes at a certain point. Using the hashtags #MaskOnChallenge and #CyrilMaskChallenge, South Africans shared pictures of themselves incorrectly wearing face masks over their eyes.

The president has in the meantime responded to the social media reaction, telling a local tv station: ‘Well for those of you who were laughing at me, I am going to open a TV channel where I’m going to teach people to put on a mask. So you can enroll how a mask is put on.’

A Twitter user claimed: ‘My family and I laughed. Even the sign language lady was a bit more passionate throughout the whole speech and suddenly at the end she ran out of signs.

‘I don’t think Mr President will mind a little #MaskOnChallenge We have more than enough sulk moments. Let’s laugh a little.’ 

At a certain point, mock ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ movie posters were being spread showing President Rhamaposa wearing the mask as a blindfold with the words ‘Fifty Shades Of Lockdown’.

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