UK police swoop crazed ‘Tupac Shakur’ fan shooting from balcony (Video)

Strange incident in the UK this week where police in Chatham, Kent, had to intervene after a man could be seen repeatedly firing weapons from a balcony. The shooter, clearly a fan of the late US rapper Tupac Shakur, was seen outside a flat in Dock Head Road, Chatham, to the distress of many of his neighbors.

Police officers declared that they found suspected imitation firearms at the scene which the man had filmed and then uploaded the video to social media.

At one point the shooter yells “So let the Westside ride tonight”, a lyric from Tupac’s 1996 track Hit ‘Em Up.

The song is a diss of rival Notorious BIG and at another point during the live stream the suspect booms “**** Biggie! **** Bad Boy! (Biggie Small’s record label)”.

According to local newspapers, the man is 33-year-old Michael Alunomoh, a local businessman who owns a record company.

‘Shooting randomly’

Sandra Pratt, who works at the nearby Dockside Retail Outlet and who witnessed the event, stated: “I heard a lot of shouting and what seemed like gunshot. I looked to my left and there was a guy up on the balcony with a rifle and a pistol. So I quickly ran into the shop and we called in any customers wandering by [who had] not realised what was going on and rung the police.”

“He was carrying on for a good half-an-hour. We were all in the front of the shop and you could see the pistol and a rifle and you could see the sparks coming off of it. He was just randomly shooting.”


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