Global fashion brand H&M using VeChain’s services

In order to better serve it’s customers, global fast fashion brand H&M is now also using the supply chain services of blockhain project VeChain (VET). In fact, it is the luxury brand COS of H&M (comparable to what Massimo Dutti is to Zara) that is using it to track it the supply chain of it’s clothing in order to prove sustainability to it’s customers. Given that sustainable consuming is big business for consumers in Europe and the US, it looks like the Singapore origin Vechain has another big name to add to it’s line of successes in April 2020.

After H&M sister brand Arket piloted the tracking of its sustainable wool beanie back in 2018, premium brand COS is now also moving adopting VeChain software via the application of VeChain Toolchain.

It comes at the end of a very successful month of April for VeChain, which made it to the Street’s website as crypto of the week and announced a partnership with Shanghai Gas Group.

Disclaimer: I do not own any VeChain crypto

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