North-Korean ‘tyrant in waiting’ ready to take over (Video)

Speculation is rife on the internet that Kim Jong-un has died and a picture of him lying in a coffin is making the rounds. At this moment, sources have not confirmed his death as of yet.

Meanwhile, Kim Yo-jong, sister of the gravely ill Kim-Jong-Un, will probably be accepted as the next leader of North Korea regardless of her gender, because her family are viewed as ‘gods’ in the country.

What we do know is that China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to help the regime and advise on the condition of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The delegation, led by a senior member of the Communist Party’s international liaison office, traveled to North Korea on Thursday.

The help of the Chinese team could indicate that previous reports of Kim’s precarious health situation are accurate.

On Monday, a South Korean website specializing in news from North Korea reported that the 36-year-old dictator is recovering from heart surgery. The report was based on a single source from North Korea. But the experts could also have been sent to North Korea to help the regime fight the coronavirus.

Since the North Korean dictator failed to celebrate his grandfather Kim Il-sung’s birthday on April 15, there has been much speculation about his condition. This Day of the Sun ranks as one of the most important holidays in North Korea, and Kim’s absence was remarkable. He was last seen in public on April 11.

On Friday, a top woman from Hong Kong television channel HKSTV on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, suggested that the North Korean leader had died. The woman is from a diplomat family and her uncle is a former Chinese foreign minister. She has 15 million followers on Weibo.

In 2014, Kim disappeared from the radar for a month, which also led to many speculations. When he reappeared, he walked with crutches. Korean intelligence agencies then reported that he had undergone ankle surgery.

No matter what happens, few doubts remain as to who would take over. Kim’s sister, called Kim Yo-jong is the next in line. Sources say that she would start with a ‘purge’ of those loyal to her brother upon taking over.

Furthermore, she has apparently shown no mercy to dissenters in the world’s most secretive country, including members of her own family.

There are fears Kim’s sister, who shares here brother’s passion for weapons development, could start a new round of provocations in the Asian peninsula simply to “show her mettle”.

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