New girlboss of North Korea breaks the anime internet (Video)

Currently, North Korea is one of the most talked about topics worldwide, mainly due to the possible death (or plantlike status) of Kim Jong-un if rumors are to be believed.

Although, while the entire world talks about Kim Jong-un, the otakus (anime fans in Asia) are in awe of his younger sister Kim Yo-jong, whom the EU and US press have dubbed the ‘tyrant in waiting’ and who many believe will take over should Kim Jong-un indeed have passed..

Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of dictator Kim Jong-un and a possible successor who could take control of North Korea is one of the most talked about topics in recent days, and since tensions have increased, the popularity of her otaku memes has also grown exponentially.

The possible new supreme leader of North Korea has obtained different Fanarts in which she is drawn as an anime girl, running with a piece of bread in her mouth (a very typical scene in youth drama anime), which is inspired by an image where we see Kim Yo-jong running during a meeting of her brother with the South Korean government.

Fancams are normally very short, often fan-shot clips of K-pop artists performing on stage. K-pop artists have such a loyal twitter following that any picture of theirs easily tops the worldwide twitter trends.

In the past, Fancams have been used to not only show support for popular stars, but to also derail posts, shut down criticism, and even harass other Twitter users.

However, others social media commenters claim that Kim’s sister is clearly far more cruel than her brother and said the stare gave them the Audition vibes (a famous Japanese torture movie, not for the faint-hearted)

Over in the US meanwhile, internet commenters claimed Kim Yo-jong reminded them of Carole Baskin (a reference to Netflix’s breakout hit Tiger King).



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