Will Covid-19 vaccine be inserted with corporate nanobots?

As you all now, the world is actively searching for a vaccine for Covid-19, which will probably be the moneymaker of 2020 that could allow everyone to life before the virus. The constant reporting on the worldwide scramble for this miracle cure led my brain on a wild and frantic search.

A few years ago, I was a big fan of Mr Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity book. During a short vacation spent alongside a whole bunch of quiet Scandinavian parents with their excited children on a Spanish beach, my spouse sat peoplewatching one afternoon whilst I devoured his predictions.

The futurist (currently employed by Google) forecasted the grim moment when AI intelligence would overtake the combined intelligence of all humanity. A great and interesting read. A few days ago, he was showing in my YouTube stream of proposed videos. This time, he did an interesting 2016 interview with US astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson in which he speaks of the moment when nanobots would connect your neocortex to the cloud.

I might have lost you here already, so allow me to explain.

Nanobots are minuscule, almost microscopic machines that futurists predict will be inserted into your body at a certain point to function as medicine. Let’s say you ate too much sugar and your body doesn’t react too well, the nanobots can fix that for you. The dream is that the nanobots will then send signals to your account in the cloud and give you a warning on your smartphone telling you what you should eat, drink or do.

Oh and the neocortex is the rational or thinking brain, the outer layer of the inside of your skull if you will. Some scientists believe the easiest explanation as to how our brain looks like is to divide it into three parts: the reptilian brain (basic functions), the limbic brain (feelings) and the neocortex (thinking).

Kurzweil was so knowledgeable on the subject of nanobots that he testified before US congress on the benefits and possible dangers of it. He even suggested that the same technologies that are empowering us to reprogram biology away from cancer and heart disease could be used by a bioterrorist to reprogram a biological virus to be more deadly, communicable, and stealthy. In other words, if you would insert the nanobots into the bloodstream, the person who controls the nanobots could control you. Since he suggested it all should be connected to the cloud, all you need is a good hacker I guess.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Coming back to the introductory paragraph, we are indeed all looking for a vaccine for Covid-19, which will probably be the moneymaker of 2020 that could allow everyone to life before the virus.

Conspiracy theorists are however claiming that worldwide governments will make vaccinations of the possible cure mandatory and blame Microsoft’s Bill Gates of having schemed this all up. I do not find this very believable, but have been known to be able to think outside of the box.

Their theory then brings me to this tale which appeared on the website Steemit about three years ago, called Mandatory vaccinations in the age of nanotechnology.

In it, the author claims that nanobots would one day become part of mandatory vaccinations, but warns at the same time that ‘the moment these are deployed, and a nano-technology infused vaccine is deemed mandatory, at that exact point the government has also decided that Transhumanism -the merging of man and technology- is also mandatory.

In effect, it’s like being forced to get chipped – but this is on a whole different level of invasion – which also involves and fundamentally alters the way the human body operates: Its natural defenses are considered inadequate and new, artificial means, are used to “enhance it”.

It is now 21 years since the Wachowski brothers introduced The Matrix move to world masses, but all of a sudden I had to recall the scene where Neo (Keanu Reeves) wakes up and sees the real world, in which his body is connected to a major machine by a bunch of tubes.

Is that what Kurzweil meant? Is this what the conspiracy theorists mean? These are very interesting times we live in, to say the least.



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