Climate activists attack ‘dangerous’ new Michael Moore film (Video)

It was always to be expected that the social side of leftwing politics and the green side would eventually fall out, as they are both aiming for different solutions for humanity’s ills with capitalism. However, I would have never believed beforehand that Michael Moore could be the cause.

“Dangerous, misleading and destructive,” are only some of the comments coming from climate activists about his new documentary, whilst others feel it shouldn’t even carry that title given that it carries so many falsehoods. It is safe to say that the climate movement is furious about a documentary produced by the American filmmaker Michael Moore. They want the film to stop being shown.

The documentary Planet Of The Humans produced by Michael Moore can be seen for free for the next thirty days. The filmmaker has put the documentary in its entirety on his own YouTube channel.

In the documentary Planet of the Humans, released last week, written and directed by former environmental activist Jeff Gibbs, countless green dogmas are being toppled. For example, the feasibility of the green energy revolution is in doubt, as well as the possibility to stop global warming at all.

Solar and wind energy will not save us, according to Gibbs and producer Moore (known from such documentaries as Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine). They are not sustainable at all, because making solar cells and windmills is impossible without a lot of precious raw materials and fossil energy.

Oil and gas will also continue to be needed to support the erratic production of solar and wind energy. “So we have been fobbed off with a lie,” says Gibbs.

The biggest scam is biomass: burning live trees as a sustainable alternative to fossil trees, coal.

According to the filmmakers, the climate movement is fixating on reducing CO2 emissions and thinks that everything is solved with green, renewable energy. But renewables are simply a new phase of industrial civilization – a desperate attempt not so much to save the planet but our way of life. The real problem is ourselves, there are too many of us and we consume too much. In Gibbs’ words: “Infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide.”

According to Gibbs and Moore, the climate movement has sold its soul to business, which sees a lucrative market in green energy. For example, Bill McKibben of is said to collaborate with wood and gas companies in biomass projects, and climate guru Al Gore has all kinds of so-called green investment funds.

“What do they have to hide,” the film asks suggestively. “Have they made any kind of deal? And are they now leading us all into the abyss? “

Climate activists have condemned the documentary already viewed four million times online. Website Films for Action temporarily withdrew him from the offer because he allegedly contained disinformation, but turned it back so as not to be accused of censorship.

According to climate scientist Michael Mann, the film is full of “distortions, half-truths and lies.” And an open letter from director Josh Fox (from the Gasland documentary) calls it “shockingly misleading and absurd.”

The film is said to deal in “debunked reasoning” of the fossil industry.

Solar and wind energy, for example, are not expensive and unreliable at all, but are getting better and cheaper. And electric cars may cost a lot of energy to make, but all in all they are less polluting than ordinary cars. According to scientists, the replacement of fossil by green energy and the realization of net zero emissions will be feasible in 2050.


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