Is Twitter shadowbanning crypto just before Bitcoin halving?

Some in the crypto community claim that Twitter has started shadowbanning their accounts. The technology of shadowbanning means that the impressions of your followers are not seen by as many people as you would like as Twitter deems them dangerous or untruthful. It was a common practice in the first years of the Trump administration as well. Some even claim that Instagram has also introduced the technology.

The accusation comes weeks after YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, also started actively deleting crypto accounts. The crypto world has long struggled to find its place on some of the world’s biggest technology platforms and many complaints have been raised in the past, accusing the Silicon Valley companies of cooperating with the world’s biggest banks in order to delay the introduction of crypto as a worldwide medium of payment.

“They’re doing it, people,” founder of crypto website The Block, Mike Dudas, said. “Crypto Twitter has been shadow-banned. I’ve noticed this on my account this week.”

Another crypto developer named Anthony Sassano chimed in as well, saying: “Any tweets that I post get way less impressions than normal.”

The reports come just as the crypto community, and more particular the Bitcoin fans, get ready for the halving on May 12 or 13. The world’s most famous crypto has been on a tear this week, even outperforming gold as best performing asset of 2020.

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