Musk fan mistakenly sends him $1,000 in ETH during twitter meltdown

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has some explaining to do. As he was trending yesterday whilst telling his 33.5 million followers that he thought the Tesla stock was ‘too high’ and he would ‘sell all his physical possessions’, an unknown crypto fan named ‘Liam’ felt bad for the billionaire.

Given that this all happened during a Friday evening lockdown, we can only hope some weed was involved with the following, because if this happened in real sober life then it is quite sad indeed.

Liam received a request from a scam Elon Musk address asking for some money, to which the former replied positively and sent Elon Musk (or so he thought) 5 ETH via his Coinbase wallet. With Ethereum currently being traded at $200, that meant some $1,053 was deducted from his account.

Telling his friends on social media about the action afterwards, he was told in return that the address he sent it too was clearly not Elon Musk after which a worried: ‘fuck how do I unsend ETH Coinbase, help help now asap’ followed.

We can only hope the story gets to the real Elon Musk or to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Good luck mate.


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