McAfee with AK-47 at Blockchain event: “Go buy guns, and guns first” (Video)

Antivirus billionaire John McAfee spoke at day 5 of the Virtual Blockchain Week event last night, sharing his very own state of the world. Most onlookers assumed he would only be talking about his new cryptocurrency Ghost, but McAfee also gave his thoughts on Bitcoin, the Coronavirus, the Federal Reserve and the choice of many Americans to buy guns during the pandemic. He even showed off his AK-47.

Although he is still bullish on crypto and thinks that the price of Bitcoin will indeed rise as the halving comes closer (foreseen for 12 May), visitors were more keen to find out his thinking on the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are living in a paradigm the world has never seen before,” the 74-year-old said.

Adding to his criticism, he also spoke on the money printing Federal Reserve, stating: “You can’t pull money out of the air and expect everything to be okay. Money is based on something called industry, production, service. We haven’t increased any of that.”

In the past few weeks, Mr McAfee has been quite critical of the western democracies and their response to the pandemic (he claimed that New York’s mortality rate was artificially high), which he claims has a lower mortality rate than first assumed. Tonight he continued on that same course.

In essence, just before pulling out his AK-47, he advised crypto investors to buy guns (the segment is around 27 minutes into his talk).

“Because if you just have the food and you don’t have the guns, your neighbors are going to take it because your neighbors have the guns.”

Showing off his AK-47 assault rifle, McAfee said: “I’m John McAfee, when am I ever without a f**king gun people.”

“you can drop this in a swamp of mud, leave it there for 50 years, pick it up, and it will fire. It’s a Russian made thing. It ain’t pretty. Nothing like the AR-15. The AR-15 is a pretty weapon, but this sucker will always fire.”

Picture credit: screenshot Youtube


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