New ‘Billions’ season premiere opens with: ‘Bitcoin, worth millions right now’ (Video)

Mass adoption of crypto is coming ever closer now that the episode of the Simpsons in which the ‘Big Bang’ star Jim Parsons explained crypto has been superseded by the first episode of Billions in which Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve are pitted against each other.

For those of you who don’t know it, Billions is a television drama series about New York’s justice system battling it out against hedge funds.

It is watched by many financiers across the US and each episode is carefully discussed on the working floors of multiple financial firms. To give you an example of the show’s popularity, the recap of the first episode of season 5 easily made it both to the pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times today.

Now here’s the interesting part for all of you engaged in crypto. Paul Giamatti’s character can be seen arresting the various employees of a crypto mining company and during their questioning explains Bitcoin versus the Federal Reserve.

Their conversation:

Paul Giamatti: ‘So, your multitude of computers and servers could solve some abstract math equation resulting in the mining of Bitcoin. Worth millions right now, but backed by what? Nada. Nix. Zot.’

Response: ‘What’s the dollar backed by, since we went off the gold standard?’

Paul Giamatti: ‘Well, uh, roads, the military, industry, the credit of the federal government, that sort of thing, but I get your point. We’re not here to discuss monetary theory though.’

The mentioning of Bitcoin and crypto in general during the episode of such a well-respected show will once again up the expectation that mass adoption of the technology is to be expected shortly. Meanwhile, with the halving now only 8 days away, expect interest for Bitcoin from twitter commenters to soar in the coming days as well.


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