Is it Covid-19 ‘fat shaming’ when most obese countries have the most deaths?

There is a political tightrope that has to be neatly walked by all politicians in the western world these days.

One of the things that everyone by now knows but no one dares to say out loud is that being overweight is a major risk for people with Coronavirus. This data has been confirmed by various chief epidemiologists in Europe.

In fact, data released by the British National Health Service shows that being overweight raises the chances of dying in hospital from the illness by 40 per cent.

The problem is that because of the recent trends in our society, singling out obese people is now called ‘fat shaming,’ and thus asking anyone with a BMI over 30 to stay at home for the next four months or so, could be considered ‘risky’ for politicians in western democracies.

Still, with the UK and the US leading the death toll currently, there is no doubt that a strong correlation is indeed a factor.

In Belgium, country of beer, chocolate and French fries, the numbers are even more striking if you consider that the underlying food cravings and cultural aspect of promoting ‘fatty’ foods could have been the deciding factor for that country to come out on top of Covid-19 deaths per million inhabitants.

For example, the coronavirus has been a far deadlier threat in New Orleans than the rest of the United States, with a per-capita death rate much higher than in New York City. Doctors, public health officials and available data say the Big Easy’s high levels of obesity and related ailments may be a reason.

Thus, with all this, can politicians wanting to ease lockdown restrictions in Western democracies, ask obese and elderly people to stay indoors till a vaccine is found or is that indeed ‘fat shaming’? MeToo movement, please answer.


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