Russian Billionaire’s wife finds Putin ice hockey partner in apparent ‘suicide’

Russians keep having strange accidents. After three doctors apparently all fell from windows this week after they dared to criticize the government’s Coronavirus handling, this time round one of the country’s billionaires had an ‘unfortunate’ accident in his private gym, shooting himself in the head with a Glock pistol.

52-year-old Dmitry Bosov was discovered by his wife Katerina (pictured) whilst has was locked inside the private gym at their mansion in the Moscow suburbs. The Russian coal baron was a well-known ice hockey partner of Vladimir Putin. The accident has been ruled another suspected suicide by Moscow police.

Fashionista wife Katerina claimed that she rushed to the house, accompanied by a security guard after Bosov stopped responding to her messages.

Coal tunnel

Her husband faced legal action in the US against Mr Francis Racioppi, a US special forces veteran. The one-time employee of Bosov’s Genius Fund Group had invested in legal marijuana markets and lost millions apparently. Racioppi was suing for breach of contract after Bosov allegedly fired him and all other members of the firm at the end of March, which he says is a breach of California employment law.

Katerina, who’s on the board of his coal company, had planned for the coal company to fund a giant tunnel on the 4,264 km-long Baikal-Amur Mainline railway to boost coal exports to Asia. The scheme originally had the backing of the Kremlin but when Bosov fell out with several other businessmen in Moscow, plans were shelved.

His company released a press statement, claiming that the father of five Bosov ‘died tragically’, calling him a ‘distinguished businessman’ and a ‘bold and decisive innovator’.

‘His passing is a huge loss for all who knew him.’

His son Anton declared: ‘Let’s wait for the official version from the investigation. We won’t guess… I can’t tell you anything else. These are family matters.’


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