Thai ambulance loses patient on stretcher in busy Bangkok street (Video)

Thailand has thus far been one of the success stories of the global corona pandemic, although if the video of an ambulance losing one of it’s patients in a busy Bangkok street is to be believed, it’s easy to understand why. The pictures were filmed with a dashcam earlier this week. It is not known whether the man was a covid-19 patient.

Just yesterday the Thai government aanounced just three new coronavirus cases, all Thais, bringing the total for the country to 2,992. Given it’s closeness to China, that’s a remarkable numbers. Furthermore, no additional deaths were reported, leaving the accumulated toll at a very respectable 55.

Over the past 24 hours, 11 more patients were discharged from hospitals, raising the total number of recovery cases to 2,772.

Meanwhile the Thai king remains in Germany where he is waiting out the end of the coronavirus pandemic whilst accompanied by his 20-women harem.


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