Who’s the Harry Potter actress that wanted PM ‘Boris Johnson to die’?

The UK has by now achieved the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Europe. People have been highly critical of the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but because of the fact that he himself was infected with the disease and had to spend several nights in intensive care, criticism of Mr Johnson has been quite muted. Until yesterday that is.

It’s a scandal

Harry Potter actress Miriam Margoyles, stated during a television program when asked how the government had handled the pandemic that it was ‘a disgrace, it’s a scandal’. She then continued by stating she ‘had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die.’

‘And then I thought, that reflected badly on me,‘ she continued.

‘And I don’t want to be the sort of person who wants people to die. So then I wanted him to get better, which he did do. He did get better. But he didn’t get better as a human being. And I really would prefer that. So, you know, we’re in the s–t basically here.’

As stated, she quickly corrected herself, knowing full well that the wrong sort of headlines would be stated in British tabloid media.  Too late for that though, as she even made it into the New Zealand Herald and onto Fox News in the US.

Graham Norton show

Ms Margoyles, who portrays Professor Sprout in the famous Harry Potter franchise, is known for not having a filter and always speaking her mind.

As such, there are numerous clips of her on the Graham Norton show in the UK where she is always asked whether she knows any of the other guests on the show.

Public opinion on her comments have been divided on social media at best.

This is not the first time the 78-year-old British actress was critical about the lockdown. On the well known This Morning show last month, she said: “I actually don’t give a stuff about the economy, I want people to survive. So I think Boris Johnson is completely right about that. He’s not right about anything else, but he is right about that.”

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