Who’s getting blamed for Covid-19? Here’s the worldwide top 5

All around the world, people are angry for what happened in these past few months due to the spread of the Coronavirus. The blame is being placed on various groups, peoples and entities as you go around continent to continent. In no particular order, here’s the worldwide top 5 of who’s taking the blame for what happened.

The Chinese

The Chinese are being blamed on top of all others for eating animals that you should normally keep away from. According to worldwide media (and history) whenever epidemics arise, the Chinese hide them from the world: for the winning role of scapegoat to the world, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom are clearly coming out on top at this moment.

The corona era started with them, Chinese eating habits were the likely cause. Because “the Chinese” necessarily want armadillos contaminated by bats on their plates, we are now inside of our apartments, our elderly are dying and our economy is in the doldrums.

MUST WATCH: German supermarket customers fight police over face mask obligation (Video)

At such times, it is hard to to imagine that 99 percent of  ‘the Chinese’ never visit ‘culinary horror markets’, there was no intent at stake among the customers of the Wuhan animal market, and not ‘the Chinese’ but their totalitarian regime concealed the corona outbreak.

In the US and Eastern Europe, racist violence towards Asian Americans has skyrocketed, and many expect it to get worse.

5G masts

For centuries, in times of mischief, Europeans burned local witches or burned local Jewish quarters. In time of corona, the witch has now been replaced by a radio tower: it is invisible and therefore easy to be blamed.

You can do nothing but eliminate the source of the disaster: many worldwide 5G masts have already gone up in flames.

It may be some sort of progress when we are burning lifeless radio masts rather than humans, but an annoying side effect of “radio mast burnings” is that emergency services become unreachable.

Just as the witch stood for everything over which the Middle Ages had no control, the transmission mast stands for the powerlessness of modern man.

He has no control over globalization, nor has the digital revolution, and the arrival of 5G is accompanied by a pandemic. You cannot set globalization on fire, but you can light up a 5G antenna.

The Italians

The companies hit hardest by a pandemic are those that were already sick before the pandemic, an Italian commentator said, and many Northern Europeans and Scandinavians nodded in agreement.

After all, to Northern EU Member States, Italy has long been synonymous for a European country that the others had to pay for. Sensible Northern Europeans are careful not to let “the Italians” drag them into the financial abyss.

Dutch and Danes with populist voting behavior can easily explain that it is no coincidence that the corona crisis in Italy took on such proportions: chaos and corruption are trump cards there, and ‘the Italians’ are living on top of each other in small apartments and houses: this is how a virus spreads quickly.

In recent weeks, critical Northern Europeans have been able to angrily look at supermarkets in Mediterranean supermarkets who, despite warnings, go shopping in families.

With warm-blooded “sticky peoples” you never get a pandemic under control.

Interestingly, Britain, whose population is considered controlled and distant, now has more Corona deaths than Italy.

The ’fat’ people

The question that is trending on social media nowadays is: do you really have to shut down an entire economy to save mostly over-80s who are fat?

The hard figures came from the intensive care unit: 80 percent of the corona patients on respirators are overweight. You could predict that such figures would not be without consequences in a time of fear and anger: in many supermarkets overweight people are being looked at angrily. Even before the corona crisis in public spaces, fat people could already count on negative responses that thin people are unaware of.

Connect overweight to a pandemic and you get people who argue: if overweight people had bothered to lose weight when the gyms were still open, we wouldn’t all be in misery now.

Microsoft and Bill Gates

Bill Gates gave a Ted speech some 5 years ago in which he predicted what would happen when the world would met a pandemic virus. Given that his company Microsoft also deposited a Crypto patent to ‘mine humans’ at around the same time (which carried the number 666, probably as an atheist joke), Gates has been at the receiving end of many conspiracy theories ever since.

A famous Oscar-winning director even accused Gates directly during a television show, the clip of him explaining the theory was viewed 700,000 times before being taken offline by authorities.


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