‘Trump Death Clock’ Divides US Electorate Further (Video)

A 56-foot billboard called the ‘Trump Death Clock’ has shown up in Times Square last week, further dividing the country between the US President’s defenders and his attackers.

The clock ticks on the assumption that some 60% of all US deaths were preventable if the White House had indeed implemented mandatory social distancing and school closures just a week earlier than it did. Meanwhile Trump’s defenders claim that the lives lost due to the economic crisis will be far worse.

The clock coincides with Obamagate being the most trended word on Twitter for the past few days of course, and thus worldwide media is dividing their time between explaining both items.

New York covid inflation?

Furthermore it is of course bittersweet that the clock shows up in New York City where the most of the US deaths occurred, although analysts have been left to wonder whether that number is correct.

Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, who organized the billboard in Times Square, stated that “the lives already unnecessarily lost demand we seek more responsible crisis leadership.”

“Just as the names of fallen soldiers are etched on memorials to remind us of the cost of war, quantifying the lives lost to the president’s delayed coronavirus response would serve a vital public function.”

Fauci remarks

According to the New York-based filmmaker, the 60 per cent is a rather conservative estimate which he claims is directly calculated according to remarks by US infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci. The doctor had stated earlier that if “you had started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives.”

The clock’s website states that: ‘In January 2020, the Trump administration was advised that immediate action was required to stop the spread of COVID-19. According to NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, “there was a lot of pushback” to this advice. President Trump declined to act until March 16th. Epidemiologists now estimate that, had mitigation measures been implemented one week earlier, 60% of American COVID-19 deaths would have been avoided.’

The installment of the clock has by now reached European media as well, with mentions in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and France.


In the UK, twitter commenters suggested a similar setting near ‘Piccadilly Circus would be a good place – a BoJo Death Clock,’ referring to Prime Minister Boris Johnson who’s being blamed for his country’s inaction.

 Earlier in the week, a famous Harry Potter actress even stated that she initially wanted Boris Johnson to die whilst in hospital.


In any case, the Trump death clock being in the news for a long time might be needed for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, as worldwide betting agencies still point to a Trump victory come November.  

If they predict that in May 2020, then Mr Biden is going to have to pick one hell of a surprising VP to still upset those odds.


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