RIP Capitalism – How Corona Increased the Class Divide

At the moment of writing these lines, Twitter has just announced that their personnel can work from home ‘indefinitely’. That’s great for those who worked in an office of course, but it also means that the cleaning lady, the security guard, the janitor and the people working in the company’s cafeteria are all …. out of a job. Not that those working from home would know I believe.

By now, unemployment has risen to incredible levels whilst celebrities order Amazon foodstuff instead of going to the grocery story, politicians care only about those zooming with a laptop from home and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is set to become the world’s first trillionaire.

In New Zealand, where all the other US billionaires are hiding, corona has been eradicated and borders will remain closed for the foreseeable future while the rest of us duke it out over who gets to keep a job.

Small time jobs

I’ve been invited to a barbecue this weekend as in my home country lockdown restrictions have now been lifted. My friends who asked me over were glad to inform that they can work from home until at least September. Hence in their cases the people with ‘small time jobs’ are going to face a tough summer as well.

If there is one thing that Corona did, then it is this: the class divide is more obvious than ever. Allow me to give some examples.


Jeff Bezos is set to become the world’s first trillionaire because those who can afford to do so, are ordering from his site rather than going to the ‘germ infected’ supermarket.

The willingness to pay extra for safety will make sure that Mr Bezos has a similar amount of money as the population of a small country.


Over in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the daughter of Minister Michael Gove and Crown Prince Charles all got tested for Coronavirus in the past few months. Nothing special although the rules state that you can only get tested with ‘severe symptoms,’ and all of theirs were only mild. Even NHS (National Health Service) workers can’t get tested. Unless you have money of course, that’s apparently what makes all the difference in the British Isles. Then again, given that the Class Divide was born in Britain, this should not come as much of a surprise.


Ellen Degeneres complained in her first ‘broadcast from home’ show that her mansion felt like being trapped in prison. I guess all the people in New York stuck inside a small apartment for the past two months would gladly exchange for her (I’m guessing) 40 room villa. Ms Degeneres hasn’t apologized since, nor have the bunch of stars who sang ‘Imagine no possessions’ from their respective mansions to all poor people in order to make sure that they know how everybody felt.

Yes, Corona has made sure that everybody knows who’s rich and who’s not. Are you ‘working from home,’ doing mostly nothing and checking your phone every five minutes to see if you have to run to your laptop in order to answer an email or be on a zoom call? You are rich.

Are you out of a job, worried about catching Corona from going to the grocery store and not knowing what to do  with your children who have been running around the house for two months? You’re not.

Welcome to the new reality.


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