VeChain In Cyprus Hospitals To Battle Covid – Soon In The Whole EU?

The blockchain platform VeChain is broadening it’s usage in healthcare, the key sector to be in during the Corona pandemic which will be with us for the foreseeable future. Thanks to another collaboration, it is tracking medical data for Cyprus hospitals.

If successful, Greek hospitals (who mostly copy their Cyprus counterparts in technological development) could soon take over and from there the EU can easily be reached. The news comes after VeChain collaborated with a San Francisco startup last month to ensure the quality of mouth masks being shipped to the US.

The crypto VeChain has collaborated with I-Dante to create a platform on which patient data sharing can be done across various computers and databases. Thanks to the added layer of security that VeChain provides a massive amount of data can widely flow through the system.

The network will be know as E-NewHealthLife, will be compatible with the so-called ‘Digital Healthcare Passport’ that the EU is planning to set up and which helps with patient data management.

Most importantly, the solution that VeChain has developed is also fully compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) used by the European Union.

As you know, the EU has the strictest data protection rules in the world. If they allow a system to deal with patient data, other continents can be ensured that the system in place is safe.

KN95 Masks

Last month, VeChain made it to the website of ‘The Street’ as crypto of the week through it’s collaboration with another healthcare product. The Street highlighted the fact that VeChain, through it’s Real Items marketplace, was helping to spot counterfeit KN95 masks amid the coronavirus crisis.

Given the problems that most western economies have had with identifying quality in medical gear during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cooperation between VeChain and this San Francisco start-up called Real Items in order to make sure each box of KN95 masks were shipped with a two-factor authentication QR code which can be recorded on VeChain’s blockchain was already very promising.

Many are now waiting to see what this EU-collaboration in the healthcare sector entails for VeChain.

Disclaimer: I do not own any VeChain


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