Hoskinson (ADA) Expects ‘Planet Of the Apes’ Setting To Follow Covid By Summer

Charles Hoskinson, the charismatic founder of Cardano, has shared a timeline of expectations for the rest of the year and the first half of 2021. It looks like the Covid-19 outbreak was only the beginning of the mess we’re going to have to deal with in the coming months.

Whereas January had Australia on fire, Kobe Bryant died in February and Covid-19 indeed wrecked the worldwide economy in March and April, the remainder of the years seems a tad farfetched to me.

Still, the giant murder hornets was indeed a surprising entry this month and it seems that next month we already have underground crab people to look forward too.

With notable entries from Godzilla in the fall, My Little Pony turning evil end a zombie outbreak because of the widespread Covid-19 testing also still on the horizon, it looks like the Planet of the Apes scene where Cesar and his army ride into town on horseback is the real thing to look forward to this year.


The forecast for 2021 looks a bit more farfetched with an alien invasion, the rapture and the release of Avengers 5. In any case, the writer of this forecast sure has a vivid imagination.

Main picture credit: Planet of the Apes movies screenshot


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