Did Satoshi Start Selling His Bitcoins?

A few hours ago, there was a selloff in the crypto world and Bitcoin’s price dropped to around $9,500 in a matter of minutes. This came after a twitter account called Whale Alert pointed out that 40 Bitcoins from a digital wallet that hadn’t been touched since 2009 were being sold at the time.

The Tweetbot also noted that the Bitcoins in question were mined in the first month of the crypto coin’s existence, with many thus wondering whether Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of the digital currency, had come back to start claiming his money.

The message immediately went viral and many more sold their crypto coins in quick succession as a fear crept into the market that Satoshi might be going to finally sell off more of his illustrious loot of the first 1.1 million Bitcoins. If that happens, the price of Bitcoin could drop dramatically as those are now worth around $9 billion.

Craig Wright denies

In the meantime, the move also meant a legal trap for Craig Wright was being set as the wallet in question from which the Bitcoins were being moved were those that he claims are his in his court case against Ira Kleiman.

(File Bitcoin Genesis Block – Wikimedia Commons)

Bitcoin’s SV’s (Satoshi’s Vision) CEO Calvin Ayre quickly responded to the crypto market that Craig Wright denied moving 50 BTC from the long-dormant address.

On Twitter, Ayre said: Most like someone in Ira Kleiman’s camp from their Satoshi blocks….meaning their side has not being exactly accurate in court.  It was NOT Satoshi, I just spoke with him and Craig confirmed not him.

Problem for Craig Wright, of course, is the wallet address used for the move is among the 16,000 wallets which he listed in a court document in the Kleinman v. Wright case.

Thus, if Craig Wright didn’t move those Bitcoins, then he doesn’t own that wallet I guess? And if he doesn’t, then doesn’t that prove that he’s not Satoshi at all?


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