Bellevue Dad’s ‘How Do I’ YouTube Channel Proves Viral Hit

Unclogging a sink, changing a tire or hanging a bookshelf on the wall: all chores that we are doing a little more in this era of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Rob Kenney from Bellevue, Washington, started a YouTube channel on 1 April featuring very simple step by step videos.

Six weeks in and he has proven to be extremely popular, topping some youngsters who put all their savings in creating their own channels and who are posting pics on Instagram daily to show their glamorous sides.

Nothing like that for Rob Kenney who created the YouTube channel “Dad, How do I?” about a month and a half ago. This week, the American father is going viral with his explanatory videos.

1.39 million people now follow Kenney’s channel and that number is increasing daily.

Explanation videos

With the Youtube channel, Kenney aims to help children who grow up without parents and explain them how to perform certain basic tasks that all of us need to perform at a certain point in life.

He gives the viewers tips on how to perform these tasks the easiest. The middle-aged American knows what it is like to grow up without parents. His mother was an alcoholic and his father left when he was thirteen. Due to the corona crisis, the American now has enough time to make the videos and that is proving to be a very popular thing indeed.

Given the rapidly increasing number of subscribers, many people clearly are in need of the instructional videos. Hundreds of thousands of people, for example, watch how to tie a necktie or how to unclog a toilet. The viewers send in odd questions and on the basis of that Kenney makes an explanation video.


The huge group of followers is quite a surprise to the American. Yesterday he posted a video thanking everyone for the many responses. He thinks it is fantastic that so many people benefit from his videos today.


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