Ethereum And Cardano Founders Bury The Hatchet

The expression to ‘bury the hatchet’ finds it’s origins in the Wild West, where native American tribes were said to get rid of their tomahawk whenever they felt the time had come to make peace with another tribe. Today, it finds it’s use whenever two people that used to work together have fallen out. The two decide it’s time to pick up the pieces again and leave each other without uttering any further nastiness. In the cryptoworld today, many hope that this is what has just happened.

Cardano versus Ethereum

One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson (who is currently better known for his work on Cardano, another smart contract platform and cryptocoin), has long held a grudge towards Vitalik Buterin the other co-founder of Ethereum. Stories as to why the two men fell out are many, and no one exactly knows the truth except for the two of them.

Whatever it may be, Charles Hoskinson recently gave an interview in which he explained why Ethereum is doing so badly lately, and it involved some unpleasant words against his former colleague, Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin on the other hand also doesn’t seem to be the easiest man to work with. In the past he has repeatedly scoffed others in the crypto-world.

Last week things seemed to come to a head when Vitalik admitted that he had some respect for EOS and even Tezos, but forgot to mention Cardano, the creation of his former colleague.

We can only guess that many in the cryptosphere have pointed this out to him because yesterday he decided to bury the hatchet as Vitalik said in a tweet: ‘I hereby acknowledge Cardano’

Hoskinson responded jokingly with: ‘I hereby acknowledge Ethereum.’

The crypto supporters hopes that this is that this is the last of it and that both men now will get back to creating some of that beautiful blockchain.



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