Which VP Pick Could Help Biden Beat Trump? You’d Be Surprised

Vice-President Joe Biden, making the news cycles around the world because of his ‘you ain’t black’ comments, vowed in March of this year to pick a woman as his vice presidential running mate. As the coronavirus crisis seems to be winding to a temporary close (in the US and Europe at least), the attention will once again turn to the events in November of this year, which will determine who occupies the White House as from next year. Although the mainstream media would like you to believe that Trump’s time is up, the betting agencies, whose algorithms are not determined by political preference, still show him winning at this point.

The only thing that could change all of this is Mr Biden’s VP pick (and any possible catastrophic event between now and November 2020, and you all know this year has been full of surprises). So who’s in the running and who do I believe can help Biden win? You’ll be surprised.

Amy Klobuchar (odds 3 to 1)

Senator Klobuchar could carry a lot of weight in the battleground states, but if Biden picks her, it is unsure whether the far-left side of Democratic voters will turn out to the polls, as they already feel robbed two terms in a row now.

With Biden already being a centrist pick, another centrist would mean Trump just has to please his base to draw an equal result and the Democrats have to count on the young turning up to vote. Although she is riding high in the polls, I do not believe Biden could win with her.

Gretchen Whitmer (odds 9 to 1)

Same story as for Ms Klobuchar I’m afraid, although the Michigan Governor did score major points with the MSM during the coronacrisis, this would present minority voters with an unpleasing choice come November. Three white males, one white woman.

Kamala Harris (odds 2 to 1)

Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show did an interesting segment earlier this year in which they were asked what they thought about the possible Democratic contenders. When the all African-American panel was shown a picture of Ms Harris, they responded with: ‘That’s the police.’

Would be a good pick to please minorities, but not sure if it would mean a win for Biden. Furthermore, you just know that conservative pundit and former Hollywood star James Woods is just waiting to taunt Ms Harris over her past indiscretions.

Elizabeth Warren (odds 6 to 1)

Although many in the Democratic center believe that a choice for Ms Warren as VP would please the far-left, I believe they are mistaken. Most of the Bernie-bros have not forgotten that Ms Warren split the progressive vote right before a very important voting day for Bernie and then dropped out one day afterwards. For most of Bernie’s online fans, Warren is the reason why their candidate did not make it as the Democratic nominee this time round.

Just as they blamed Hillary last time and stayed home on election day, a Warren pick would get similar results.

Stacey Abrams (odds 18 to 1)

This is, after Mr Biden’s cavalier remark last week, becoming one of the more likely ones of all the top candidates in my view, although it would also give President Trump an easier time during the campaign. Ms Abrams, who is despised by the Republican right, would stir up the Alt-Right base and ensure that rightwing voters turn out to back Trump no matter what happens between now and November.

Tulsi Gabbard (odds 50 to 1)

Lastly, let’s discuss Tulsi Gabbard, the candidate who during the democratic primaries was very controversial. She is in my personal view the only pick that could swing it for Biden, as this is the only choice that would eat away support from Trump.

Given that you know beforehand that the Republican vote share remains largely stable (it was the same number in millions of voters in 2008, 2012 and 2016 whilst the Democratic vote dropped), one Machiavellian strategy would be to eat away Trump’s support.

This Iraq war veteran and the first Hindu member of Congress was the person that was the most searched for on Google after the first Democratic debate … by Republican voters who wanted to find out who she was.

If Biden would like to upset the Republican base and pull a maverick move just as John McCain did when he presented Sarah Palin in his race against Barack Obama, this is the choice I would make.


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