Goldman Sachs Organizes Client Seminar On Inflation, Gold And Bitcoin

In February of this year, Goldman Sachs organized a client conference call for some 1,500 high-profile investors of theirs. Subject of the call was the pending Corona pandemic which was about to hit the US. It would appear some 4 US Senators were also on the call and when they heard the predictions, all of them quickly sold their shares, although everyone claimed that they did it based on other data.

This time round, Goldman Sachs is hosting another client seminar and is sending invites to high-profile names in finance once again. The only difference is this one is post-corona and handles with the winners of the post-corona world. Topics up for discussion are gold (the safe have par excellence), inflation (as the Federal Reserve seems to say there is no limit to it’s money printing) and Bitcoin (as even hedge funds are entering into crypto now).

The adoption by another one of the greatest names in US finance was to be expected and comes two weeks after JP Morgan admitted that it had retained two crypto firms as clients as well for its banking division: Coinbase and Gemini, the US crypto exchange platforms that are well established and have a long list of customers.

Furthermore, at the start of the month of May, legendary investor and billionaire Paul Tudor Jones admitted he was now purchasing Bitcoin as a hedge against money printing-induced inflation.

In a letter to customers, the 65-year-old stated that he thought “the best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse […] If I am forced to forecast, my bet is it will be Bitcoin.”

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