Great British Brexit Strategist Class Divide Overshadows Lockdown Easing

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson clearly doesn’t give two cents for the public opinion anymore (and he shouldn’t as they provided him with a democratic majority) after another example of class divide came to light over the weekend.

As we’ve said in the past already, if there is one thing that has increased during the corona lockdown period, then it is exactly this.

Get Brexit Done

After sailing to a comfortable win in December of last year based on a simple ‘Get Brexit Done’ slogan, any criticism of his policies since then have been squatted off like a fly. Although the opposition politicians and their befriended media have tried to criticize him at any step of the way over his Corona policies, Johnson knows very well how quickly the media narrative can change and is therefore willing to ride out the Dominic Cummings scandal.

Mr Johnson’s chief adviser apparently drove 250 miles across the country against lockdown regulations imposed by his own government. After Prince Charles got tested with mild symptoms only (normally not allowed), Justice Minister Michael Gove’s daughter got the same treatment and epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson (who imposed harsh lockdown measures) received his married mistress during said lockdown, another member of Mr Johnson’s cabinet could be seen breaking the rules that they themselves imposed on the British public.

Newly appointed Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tried in vain to explain how he would have sacked Mr Cummings, whilst explaining that Mr Johnson’s failure to to take action was “an insult to sacrifices made by the British people”.

“This was a huge test of the prime minister and he has just failed that test. Millions of people across the country have made the most agonising choices – not visiting relatives, not going to funerals – they deserve better answers than they got from the prime minister.”

The stiff upper lip of the British opposition is amusing, but clearly won’t change Johnson’s resolve on how to handle the Cummings matter. Expect this story to die down in a matter of days.


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