Minneapolis ‘Jennifer’ In Wheelchair Holding Knife Blocks Target Looters

Before you ask, yes that is a real title describing events that happened in Minneapolis in the past few hours. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the emotion and anger over the police brutality witnessed during the arrest of George Floyd, but looting and rioting doesn’t offer any solution. Just as holding a pocket knife against a large group of emotional looters is also not the best idea.

Here’s a short recap of the multiple videos of wheelchair Jennifer (as commenters on social media have labelled the unknown woman) going round.

Target gets looted

A wheelchair-bound woman was keen to stop her local Minneapolis Target shop from getting looted.

She thus took a pocket knife with her and rode her electrical wheelchair towards the back door of the convenient store to block the exit for possible looters.

Earlier video shows her blocking a shopping cart filled with stolen goods whilst people are yelling at her ‘move your bitch ass out the way’. Classy.

In response, the woman in the wheelchair could be seen receiving numerous blows in the face, on the back of her head, getting sprayed with a fire extinguisher and lastly getting sprayed with tear gas. Her purse ware reportedly also stolen.

She could be seen crying in the street afterwards as the Target store went up in flames.

Discussing with a bystander, she explained: ‘They attacked me from front and back, they punched me in my mouth and my head. I got punched in the head several times. I got grabbed from behind, people grabbed my wheelchair, they stole my keys, they stole everything they could off me. 

Later video also suggested that the woman is in fact only 30 years old (and thus not elderly), was able to walk whilst still others claimed that she only stabbed African-Americans and let white people who looted pass without problem. It is unclear who is right but once again, looting and rioting is never the answer.

George Floyd riots

The Minneapolis riots and subsequent looting spun out of control in an emotional rage that resulted from the video of four police officers arresting and subsequently brutally mishandling George Floyd yesterday, an African-American 46-year-old man who was later declared dead in the hospital.

In Minneapolis, looters subsequently also raided a Cub Foods, a Dollar Tree, and an Auto Zone store. A fire broke out in the auto parts store, while city fire crews rushed to control it. 

Floyd’s family reacts

Floyd’s sister, Vanita Williams-Dabney, responded to the news of her brother’s demise on Facebook, “My bro was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day . . . R I.P. bro we will get Justice for u . . . gone2soon . . .loveU4life.”


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