Which ‘Hardcore Adult Gif’ Did UK Top Minister Gove Like On Twitter?

Oops, quick delete. This must have been the words of the Twitter handler of UK’s top minister Micheal Gove after a hardcore adult gif was all of a sudden ‘liked’. The Brexiteer, who is considered one of the top right hand men of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, did not give an explanation, and knowing the ‘stiff upper lip’ of British media, nor will the press. The incident, however funny, will quickly be filed as an unfortunate error, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you about it.

Liking a gif

Michael Gove, on of the engineers of Brexit and long considered the British number two in the Conservative party after Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has a twitter account with some 186,000 followers. Earlier this week, the account ‘liked’ a gif portraying an act of hardcore pornography from the Brazzers website.

The image, which has by now been scrubbed, was a woman performing a sexual act, along with the words ‘so hott!!!’

The activity was immediately flagged up on social media with commenters tweeting: “Nice # #michaelgove #goveporn #oops”.

Others stated: “cannot believe michael gove has liked a graphic porn gif on here this is the best day ever.”

Possible hack?

An unnamed source close to the government admitted to the British press that did report the incident: “This is obviously embarrassing but we are not sure how it happened. As soon as we saw this, it was deleted. Many people have access to the account and the password has now been changed and the security upgraded as you would expect.”

The Conservative Gove is currently the Deputy Prime Minister. Previously, he has been Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs since 2017 while the MP for Surrey Heath has previously been Education Minister before becoming chief whip in 2014.

Mr Gove has also been Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor. He was one of the original Brexiteers who broke rank from former Prime Minister David Cameron’s cabinet and choose to organize the Leave vote.

Source: Copyright free image on Flickr


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